Why the hate for couponers?

Posted on | March 17, 2009 | 10 Comments

I know, couponer isn’t a real word. I just don’t understand why people get mad or annoyed when other people use coupons. Especially when it doesn’t affect them. I’m not talking about holding up lines or arguing with the manager, I know these things do happen (usually by no fault of the coupon user) and it can be frustrating and embarrassing to people on line. I’m just talking about using coupons, legally when buying items.

Today I should have had a great CVS shopping trip.  When the trouble started I should have taken my coupons and just walked away and gone to my new CVS tomorrow as planned, but I didn’t want to cause a scene (although there was no one else there during my whole checkout). I’m getting tired of confrontation and I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing about it.

I had a coupon for $3.00 off ANY 2  Johnson & Johnson first aid products. NO EXCLUSIONS. I got them from a blinkie a while back. As I was walking through the isle I saw these first aid kits for $0.99 each.


Since I had two coupons I planned on buying four with a $2.04 overage.  That’s why I grabbed the razor, as a filler.  It was $6.99 with $3.00 back in EBs.  I had a $2.00 off coupon (which would have made it $1.99).  After tax my out of pocket for the whole transaction would have been a few pennies.

The lady at the register was a real trip (this is not a CVS I usually go to).   She was very nice, but took it personally that I was going to get free items.  She would not allow me to use the valid Johnson & Johnson coupons, even though they scanned through correctly.  She said I could get three for free and tried to keep my other coupon without giving me the credit for it.  I said fine I’d get the 3 free, took back my other coupon and told her I didn’t want the fourth kit.

This seemed to annoy her too.  In her eyes it was OK  if I used one coupon on four, I’d be paying for one.  Only getting three really got to her, and she made some excuse about starting the transaction over.  I knew she didn’t need to, but in the spirit of cooperation I went along with it, paid and left.

Guess what?  The reason she re-rang my transaction was to make the $3.00 coupon $2.97!  She did not want me to get that $0.03  extra cents.  Really?  Why?  What does it matter?  I say this with no disrespect meant, but she was just a cashier and doesn’t have a personal stake in the 3 pennies.

So this got me thinking about how people who don’t use coupons react to people who do.  Sometimes I get people who are amazed in a positive way.  But lots of times I’ll get smart as alack remarks about how it’s too much work to save a few pennies (even when they’ve just heard the cashier say I’ve saved over $60), or they wouldn’t be caught dead carrying around a coupon book.

Why all the hate and negativity? Why does it matter to people that you save money?  It’s like there is a bad stigma attached to using coupons.  Are they jealous?  Do they secretly want to do it, but don’t know how?  Times are tough for most people right now, so why wouldn’t you want to learn how to save or just be happy for those who take the time to do it.  I’m just saying.

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10 Responses to “Why the hate for couponers?”

  1. Monica
    March 18th, 2009 @ 8:40 am

    You are the first blogger that I read that has put exactly my thoughts in writing. I am almost certain that it is plain jealousy and selfishness in that they just “hate” seeing someone NOT PAY CASH for items we are getting by using coupons. My sister and I have been in your situation, same exact scenario. Once, at a CVS I had a lady that REFUSED to keep scanning several ECB’s I gave her and PLAINLY said: DEAR you have TO PAY SOMETHING!! (She was a latin lady). Not to be derogatory, but I have had the worst experiences with female latin cashiers. Once, at a Publix my sister also had a very intrusive cashier who wasnt even the one checking her out, she stopped what she was doing only to come over and see what was beeping so many times (of course there were tons of coupons). So, in essence, contrary to what I like to feel and think, this world is full of these type of persons (Disregarding age and origin), negative, jealous and hateful of other people’s well being.

  2. CarolH
    March 18th, 2009 @ 5:17 pm

    Sometimes it’s the cashier and sometimes it’s the people behind you in line…

    Last night, I was checking out at CVS. I used a coupon and an ECB slip for $6.00. The cashier was a great young girl and worked hard to get the ECB to be applied. Each time she scanned it, it beeped and somehow she ended up adding $6 onto the cost of my purchase–twice.

    My problem was that I apologized for the delay to the customer behind me, explaining that the value of my coupon was getting added on, rather than subtracted off. She rather sarcastically (IMO) asked how much the coupon was for. When I told her the coupon was for $6.00, she just huffed.

    Eventually, the manager came over and fixed all. My total was then $0.00 out of pocket and I got back $7.00 in ECB which the cashier announced loudly enough for the unhappy people behind me to hear.

    All in all, it’s easier when the cashier is on your side, cheering you on.

  3. collette
    March 18th, 2009 @ 5:28 pm

    Totally Agree with you…..that is why I started doing something about it and yes I am bribing them…but for the sake of my sanity I don’t care what it is called. The last time I was treated like a criminal for couponing I ended the transaction by giving the girl that gave me such a hard time a coupon for a pack of free gum. You should have seen her !! OMG she was so happy . I have seen her twice since then and I have to tell you that her attitude has been so different . She smiles when she sees me now and doesn’t check over everything with a fine tooth comb like she did on previous occasions. I can’t do this every time because I don’t have enough coupons, LOL but from now on I will try to have something available for those who wait on me time after time with unkind attitudes. I hope that my little experiment will change the attitudes of at least some cashiers. When I run out of free gum I plan to use some of my free 16oz coke caps that I have. I hope that any attitudes that i change will positively affect the next couponer that that cashier encounters. ; )

  4. Kim
    March 18th, 2009 @ 6:19 pm

    Liz, you know I’ve been in your shoes. I love these comments. I agree it is quite frustrating. I also “tip” my sweet cashiers when they’ve been so good to me with all my coupons. It’t no fun to get all the deals without sharing! :)

    The one thing I have learned at CVS is their registers will not give overage on manufacturers coupons (though they do on CVS store coupons). They prompt the cashier to adjust the coupon down to the purchase price. I have gotten a bunch of those trial kits over the past few months myself, and though they say $3 off 2, you can get 3 free with one coupon. The value of them is $2.97, and their computer systems add up the value of all of that brand, up to the value of the coupon. Though that particular issue was beyond her control, the attitudes are not.

    Feeling your pain,

  5. Melissa
    March 18th, 2009 @ 8:39 pm

    I’ve used the same exact coupon for the same exact deal. 3 travel size J&J bandaid kits and every time I can only use 1 coupon for the 3 and they have to do it for the 2.97 because the computer won’t allow it to go through for the extra .03 they’ve always been really nice about it though. I’ve used 2 coupons at the same time to get 6 free but didn’t have any hassle with it. Sounds like it’s definately tiem for a new store! :)

  6. Liz @ Sweetwater Savings
    March 18th, 2009 @ 9:54 pm

    Monica – Thanks for the e-mail and the tip about male cashiers (they aren’t as harsh about taking coupons)!

    Carol – I hate when people on line behind you react nasty when you are trying to apologize. That has happened to me as well and it stinks:( It is definitely way better when the cashier is on your side!

    Collette & Kim – Bribery, I mean tipping, great idea! I will definitely be trying that once I get into a routine with the same cashiers again (I am curious as to where you are already bribing, oops I did it again, I mean tipping them Miss Collette).

    Kim & Melissa – and here I thought I had found this great deal no one had seen (lol). The funny part for me was that the coupons went through fine! They did not beep or give any trouble. She was the one who was mad about it and manually went back and removed the coupons and changed the price. I was happy to get the three free so I’m not complaining.

    Thanks for all the comments! You guys made my day:)

  7. collette
    March 19th, 2009 @ 9:26 pm

    I am tipping them at the bad, awfully mean CVS. I am on a mission to change those cold hearted meanies ! I ended up having to go back there as the Pharmacy mgr is very very helpful with some issues I am having with insurance. Other pharmacies were not as willing to deal with a mess that I have so I needed him to help me. I am tipping the night guys and the taller girl up front with braids, oh and the short gal that works days. Did you by chance encounter the new shift manager that shares her name with a flower? I avoid her, I have even gotten out of her line and pretended to look for something else in the store and then got in line once she was gone or with someone else.

  8. Liz @ Sweetwater Savings
    March 19th, 2009 @ 9:59 pm

    You always make me laugh. No I haven’t met the new shift manager, but I will be sure not to get in her line! I try to only go there in the day when Nancy (the short gal) is there. She is the best and never gives me a hard time about anything. She was the one who tried to stick up for me during that whole fiasco. Shelby is is nice to me too. I really hate going there, but the fact is that it’s much closer.
    I hope you get your insurance issues worked out, is your son doing OK? It’s always something isn’t it, never a dull moment.

  9. collette
    March 21st, 2009 @ 9:59 pm

    The short gal I was referring to is Nancy. She is sweet.
    I have come to the conclusion that some people are so miserable that they will never be happy unless everyone they encounter is as unhappy as they are and they take their bad attitudes to work with them. I don’t have the time or energy to be that miserable. Life is to short. I can however try my best to show a good attitude and hope that it is contagious, although it sure is hard when the cashiers are determined to be mean. I refuse to give up though.
    Thanks for asking about my son. He needs surgery on his arm but doesn’t want it. He is nearly 18 and does have some valid arguments for not wanting it…I on the other hand don’t to hear from him when is is 40 , complaining about how I never took him to the Dr to fix his problem and how his life would be better if only I had made him get surgery.
    Things will all work out, no worries. Thanks for asking

  10. Melissa
    November 7th, 2011 @ 3:03 pm

    Well I am getting sick of those comments when I hand over my coupons and I apologize for all the coupons and the cashier says “Oh, you are one of those crazy couponers”. Well sometimes it is hard to be nice a couple of I have said not so nice “No, I just like to save lots of money don’t you”! These remarks are rude and I am always nice when they make mistakes and I point out very nicely and I always turn around to whoever is in line and tell them I have a lot of coupons! Even some friends now that I have started couponing says you are nuts that takes way too much time and more than a couple of coupons is going way over the line? What line the line to save money? Sick of it, but will I stop couponing absolutely not lol!!!! I am a proud couponer and I am a chick that loves saving money!!!!!!!! ROCK ON MY FELLOW COUPONERS LOL!

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